The story of SaSaTrans GmbH begins in 2009, when I left Siemens AG to work as a freelancer on contracts for the industry. The legal form of freelancer was an obvious choice and has a serious background. In many professional groups in Germany, freelancers (doctors, tax consultants, lawyers, artists, architects, experts, etc.) are the standard. I also gave freelancing a name: SaSaTrans. It's an artificial word made up of my name, my work in the safety sector and the fact that the systems always have something to do with transportation (railroads, cars, aerospace).
It was the time when ISO 26262 was being developed and I was lucky enough to gain experience in an innovative team as Safety Manager for safety-relevant control units (ASIL A and B) on the OEM side.
Not all projects had to do with functional safety in the automotive industry. The very next assignment was about software validation in the aerospace industry.
However, I was always drawn back to functional safety in the automotive industry. It has remained my professional home to this day.
In June 2015, my wife and I decided to turn our freelance work into a company: SaSaTrans GmbH.