In recent years, the proportion of electrics, electronics and software in cars has increased. More and more functions in cars are being realized by software. Software enables functions to be tailored more precisely to suitability for use. Vehicles remain controllable even in difficult driving situations. The number of injuries and fatalities is falling.
The risk of a function failing increases with every function that is added or extended. The failure prevents the vehicle from being controllable. The failure may lead to an accident.
This is where functional safety comes in. With a hazard and risk analysis, it provides a measure of the danger of the functions and the risk to life and limb. In further activities, it determines requirements for development, documented in functional safety concepts. Functional safety accompanies the development, checks compliance and calculates the target values achieved. The aim is to achieve realization without risk to life and limb.
ISO 26262 provides detailed specifications for the process and implementation of activities. This is where the support of SaSaTrans GmbH comes in.
We would be pleased to support you on the way to safer functions.